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Office and delivery address:

JKS Products Ltd
Rehutie 5
84100 Ylivieska

044 012 4184

JKS Products Ltd
Rehutie 5
84100 Ylivieska, Finland

Agreements, price lists and
other material to:
JKS Products Ltd
PL 67
84101 Ylivieska, Finland

Juho Kivijakola

Managing director

+358 44 345 6418

Pasi Järvikuona

Sales and marketing

+358 44 555 3142

Risto Tiitto


+358 44 350 9112

Pasi Pakola

Assembly, service and spare parts

+358 50 400 0791

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Billing address and instructions

JKS Products Oy receives purchase invoices electronically.

E-invoice address: 003721048425
Invoice broker ID: BAWCFI22
Operator: Basware Oyj
If you are unable to submit your invoices as online invoices, paper invoices should be mailed to the address below:

JKS Products Oy
##003721048425##             NOTE! Please note that the # characters are as instructed
PL 683

Only invoices should be sent to this address, all other material will be destroyed.

Invoices sent by e-mail can be delivered to the e-mail address of the scanning service:

Invoices sent to the scanning service must include the above postal address.

Inquiries about invoices can be sent to

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